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Blog Snabogados

  • Generic pharmaceutical laboratories: Decisions Barcelona Commercial Courts

    Santiago Nadal analyzes in INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MAGAZINE, decisions of Barcelona Commercial Courts that deem Unfair Competition the preparatory steps by generic pharmaceutical laboratories, to commercialize their products, even if they do not infringe Patent Law. Publication of Intellectual Property...
  • Important EU-wide and Worldwide Consequences. The EU Directive on Trade Secrets

    *Published in For The Defense, DRI Magazine. August, 2017 The new directive makes uniform the EU and national rules, establishes a minimum protection, EU-wide, and it establishes general rules of interpretation, which will help the courts in all the EU countries. On June 8, 2016, the European Union issued an important directive on trade secrets. It is officially known as Directive (EU) 2016 / 943 of the European Parliament and the Council on...
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