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  • The NIE, the Spanish Foreigner Identification Number

    The NIE, the Spanish Foreigner Identification Number,snabogados What is a NIE? The applicable regulations require in certain cases that foreign natural persons in Spain obtain a Foreigner Identification Number. In the case of natural persons, it is the “NIE”. It is necessary in Spain, for many administrative activities and for many day-to-day steps: working, signing certain commercial contracts, registering in the Social Security, opening a bank account, buying an apartment or a car, establishing a...
  • The new spanish patent law

    The new spanish patent law, patents, snabogados The new Spanish Patent Law entered into force, last July. Its objective is to modernize Spanish Intellectual Property rules, and adapt to European Union rules. The Law will only be applicable, as from 1st April 2017. We summarize here some of the changes. 1.- PATENTS 1.- New Importance of the State of the Art The new Patent Law will help Spanish Patents to be as solid as in other countries. The Spanish PTO will now do a real thorough...
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